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Email subscriptions: how your promotions reach the right people

March 12, 2014

In a previous post, we covered the new client dashboard that allows you to manage all aspects of your content and see powerful metrics relating to your online entries and when you are promoted in our email bulletins.

This month we look at the subscriptions section of the new dashboard, and how this affects you and the prospects you are trying to reach. users can now choose which email bulletins to subscribe to according to the market sector that interests them. dashboard logged in

The My Interests and Subscriptions module primarily caters for designers, specifiers and buyers who want to subscribe to ESI information services. In the future, we will send them email bulletins for very specific topics and give them personalised information alerts that match their specific interests they come to our website.

Marketers, manufacturers and suppliers can also subscribe to the bulletins, to keep up to date with what is new in the industry.

Interests and Subscriptions

The My Professional Interests module is where users register their details and marketplace interests. From this information, we  send them one or more of our email bulletins – External Works, Building Design, Interior Design, Building Services or Environmental Engineering.

Professional Interests

If you have been featured in an information bulletin, you can see the job title, company name and town of an of our registered users who opened the email or clicked through to your content, by logging in to the My Campaign Stats section of your dashboard.

These new campaign reports will help you to:
• Assess the quality of the audience you are reaching
• Identify some of the leads and enquiries that have been generated for you by as a result of your marketing exposure

Here for you

If you would like a demonstration of the new metrics interface or are interested in exploring marketing opportunities including email campaigns, call 01786 447005 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

New metrics reporting interface: assess your ROI

February 28, 2014

In this post, we look at the new interface for reporting metrics, which has received positive feedback, particularly when it comes to campaign metrics.

Being able to witness detailed results of a specific marketing activity is very useful and powerful and ESI’s new dashboard facility delivers just that.
Adam Pulfer
Marketing, Development & Technical Director
Hoppings Softwood Products

1. My Metrics

Many thanks to Woodhouse for allowing us to use their metrics as a working example. Woodhouse is a designer and manufacturer of high quality exterior lighting and street furniture for public realm and commercial environments. Their products are specified by architects, landscape architects and engineers in the public and private sector.

My Online Entry Stats

This module allows you to see how many times your promoted products and services have been viewed across a period of time.

An entry view is recorded when the detail page for your product or service is selected and viewed by a user. It is a click through from a search result and an indicator of engagement and interest.

When you look at your online entry metrics, the last complete twelve months of statistics are presented as the default view. You can select other time periods to compare the relative performance of your published entries over time. You can also specify month ranges if required.

construction industry online marketing campaign stats

In this example, the sharp rise in October and November this year was due to an investment in extending and enhancing Woodhouse’s product information, supported by illustrated news posts and a case study – 130 entries were created or enhanced over this period.

construction industry marketing online entry views

If an entry has been promoted in a bulletin – for example, the new Coda range at the bottom of the list above, you can view the campaign metrics to see who has viewed the promotion and clicked through to read more (see below).

Click here to sign in and view your Online Entry Stats

My Download Stats

This view gives you a report of all the documents and files that have been downloaded from over the selected period.

construction industry marketing download metrics

Downloads are a significant indicator of engagement and interest. Remember that up to five documents can be associated with each published entry.

Click here to sign in and view your Download Stats

My Campaign Stats


Reach your audience with managed email campaigns

September 19, 2013

Take advantage of’s address books of qualified contacts to ensure your email campaigns reach the decision makers and influencers that matter to you.

Whether you want to drive traffic to your website, launch a new product or service, or simply to reach a wider audience for your news and promotions, can tailor a list to match your requirements.

Our data lists are second to none, as our clients can testify:

With gone-aways at a minimum and response levels well above average, is a company that truly understands the market and has the capability of compiling a selection of named contacts that matches client needs. I continue to value the additional insights they provide.

– Nick Gill, Account Director CIB Communications Ltd

Our detailed campaign analytics and reporting allow you to easily quantify your return on investment. You can see the delivery rates, open rates and clickthrough rates, as well as the job title, company and post town of anyone who has opened your email or clicked on a link.
Managed campaign template

How it works

• Define your objectives and target audience
• Plan a campaigns or series of campaigns
• Select contacts that match your customer profile
• Set up and test your email – using your HTML, one of our templates, or fully designed by us
• Send the campaign
• Report back to you with detailed campaign metrics

See an example of an email marketing campaign we managed for one of our clients.

Find out more about managed campaigns in our latest media pack.

Email us on

Or call us on 01786 407000 case study: managed email campaigns

September 11, 2013

John Newton & Co Ltd is a UK market leader in damp proofing, basement waterproofing and tanking solutions for damp walls and basements.

As part of a tailored marketing subscription, John Newton & Co commissioned to supply data for and manage a series of six monthly emails between June and December 2012. Over 5000 decision makers and influencers matching John Newton’s target customer profile were selected from’s database of over 70,000 active specifiers. Using content provided by John Newton and data supplied by, our managed email service included sending their campaigns out via our marketing platform.

Our detailed campaign analytics and reporting allow return on investment to be easily quantifed. Delivery rates, open rates and clickthrough rates are shown, as well as the job title, company and post town of anyone who has opened the email or clicked on a link.

For the first 6
Emails delivered: 92%

Unique opens: 21%
Unique click-throughs: 3%

John Newton & Co subsequently increased their mailing list to circa 10,000 contacts and has continued to run monthly campaigns throughout 2013.

“We have been using for the past 3 years and have found them to be a very responsive and innovative company to work with. The account manager is excellent, and they are very good at offering tailor-made packages to offer the best solution available for our needs.”

– Lucinda Muschialli, Marketing Director, John Newton & Co Ltd

(more…) email bulletins generate enquiries

September 3, 2013

In a previous post, we looked at how email bulletins increase your reach and influence for your market sector.

In this post, we look at how’s campaign reports make it easier for featured clients to identify the source of in-bound business enquiries

Kee Safety supplied a press release on their fall protection product, Kee Walk® was installed at The Lancasters, a high profile residential refurbishment project in the heart of London.

The news item was published on and included in one of our monthly email bulletins (example below), which are sent out to an engaged, opt-in subscriber list every month.

Building Design email marketing architects consultants

This particular bulletin achieved a delivery rate of 99.93%, an open rate of 29.59% and a unique user clickthrough rate of 5.29%.

Several clicks were generated from the email to Kee Safety’s news item on, from architects, design managers, technologists and surveyors.

The news post is in turn linked to  one of Kee Safety’s product pages where more technical information and downloads are provided.

As part of the bulletin service, we provide reports that include the job title, company and post town of anyone that has viewed or clicked through to promoted entries. Whist respecting the privacy of our subscribers, this information is sufficient to allow our clients to:

  • assess the quality of the exposure they are getting
  • identify as a valuable source of business enquiries when requests for quotes or additional information are received from buyers who are included in the campaign report

In this case, Kee Safety was able to do exactly that.

“Thank you for this, it looks good! I recognised one company which we’ve recently had an enquiry from.” – Dorota Smilgin, Group Marketing Executive, Kee Safety.

As an client you can add unlimited news items free of charge as part of your marketing subscription. We will shortly be extending our bulletin service, giving you the opportunity to boost your reach and influence through the proactive promotion of new and interesting products and services.

Get in touch to find out more:

Email us on

Or call us on 01786 407000

How case studies help make decisions go in your favour

October 23, 2012

We love working with client content at That’s why through our website, blogs and newsletters, we host a whole range of content types, specifically aimed at influencing specifiers and buyers making important decisions on who and what to work with. In this post, we demonstrate two examples of how our editors work with client content to develop new case studies which have resulted in great enquiries being directed back to our clients.

The two examples given below demonstrate how case studies on can help increase exposure of your products and create greater influence at the right time.

Example 1: Showcasing design innovation for a leading Street furniture manufacturer

We rewrote and edited this client’s material to focus on a problem and solution approach narrative that strikes a chord with designers.

ASF bespoke solutions case study image

By flagging up a specialist manufacturing process, we created a compelling story that is of interest to designers, and shows the specialist manufacturing capabilities and problem-solving attitude of the company.


Get email creative that “works” hard for your campaigns

May 21, 2012

Guest post by Emma Raw, Marketing Executive at dotMailer

What are your readers seeing in your email campaigns?

The thing with emails is that it’s as much what they look like as what they say, so making sure your email creative is right – and keeping in mind what your reader will see – will make a massive impact.

Before you start on your email creative you need to think seriously about what you want your email to achieve; what action you want your reader to take. Are you trying to encourage them to purchase or sign up to something; is it about increasing your brand awareness, or is it information like a newsletter? Whichever it is, you will need to change your creative accordingly.

Seeing through your customers’ eyes  

You need to think about the whole journey, and firstly: what do they see when your email hits their inbox?

Images turned off?

When an email hits your inbox it normally has its images turned off, so you need to think about what your readers can see. You need to give them enough information to encourage them to want to reveal the rest of the email, but not too much so they avoid ‘show all content’. Why? Well, because if you’re analysing your stats then they aren’t going to be true to form if readers don’t need to open the email fully. The way ESPs can track your email and know if someone has opened it, is through a tiny 1px image that once downloaded, generates an “opened” response. If they can get all your juicy info without doing this, you won’t get vital stats on the campaign.

Think about your readers and what mail service they are using. If you’re sending to B2C, look at how gmail, Hotmail and so forth preview emails. However, if it’s B2B customers you need to be aware of Outlook and Lotus notes, if you have a massive header and no content or reference Preview panel in Outlook, the email is likely to show up blank in the recipient’s inbox which is not a great start.

Here’s a great example from Pizza Express: they designed their background to mimic the email once the images are opened, and this gives people an insight to the content of the email and is likely to make them open it fully if it looks of interest.

On the move

Think about mobile: how will it render on a small screen? 52% of consumers now access emails through their phones*. So it’s pretty clear that mobile devices and smartphones need to change the way we approach email.

You need to make sure they are clear, with big buttons, and easily read on small screens.

Getting creative

Let’s take some practical examples:

The month of May and June should be pretty easy for Harrods to think of a theme: yep, you guessed it, the Royal Jubilee. They have executed it beautifully, the theme is strong and clear and they have extended the email so it’s not just about shopping, they also have a link through to the history of Harrods, which opens the email up to people who aren’t planning to buy anything.

Don’t forget about rich media (video), shown here in this email for Butlins. If you are sending mainly to B2C customers, you can use tools such as video directly in the email as ESPs like Hotmail support this.

Are your enewsletters helping customers engage with your brand?

March 27, 2012

If you run a regular enewsletter, make sure you have a content plan to best make use of your database. Send valuable messages  to your customers and prospects and you’ll be rewarded with increased engagement, leads and retention.  Newsletters are a valuable and cost-effective communication tool, which can help your brand resonate with your target market.

‘Your’ newsletter: The time has come to put your newsletter together and you’re thinking to yourself “what do I have to say that’s news worthy and customers will want to read about?” Well here’s where the term your newsletter becomes redundant. Just because it’s yours, doesn’t mean it should be all about you…

So how do you know what to write about and when?

1. What’s trending

Start by looking at search trends to work out what’s coming up. Google Insights can help you identify search trends in your market, and this is a great way to anticipate topics that are clearly of interest.

2. What’s topical

Social networking platforms are a great way to identify hot topics and up-and-coming ones. With the world conversing openly on social networks, you have easy access to the kind of insights that marketers used to pay for. Look at the discussions your target audience are having and don’t ignore them – use them to your advantage. If they’re relevant (your number 1 priority!), make sure you don’t miss out – produce content around the topic and use that in your newsletter.

Use your annual marketing plan to create integrated content. You’ve planned out the year for a reason. Make sure your newsletter features valuable content related to your wider marketing campaigns to maximise their reach.

3. What knowledge is at your fingertips?

Your client base and commercial partners are great sources of content too. Just putting a line in your newsletter requesting guest bloggers is a start, and why not ask commercial partners if you can use their videos, images and other media?

Make sure you tap all the following resources for content and content ideas:

– Client base – Employees – Board of directors – Outsource options – Commercial partners – Your personal and professional social networks

Top tip: On Twitter, use reverse spying to see how your competitors’ shortened links performed – just add the plus symbol to any link to see the stats. If topic a doesn’t work for them – focus your attention elsewhere.

 4. Let customers tell you what they want

Giving your readers options of what you contact them about will seriously increase your chances of your newsletter being opened or read. Set up a simple email preference centre asking questions related to your offering, such as ‘are you involved in specifying green roofing?’ or ‘are you interested in CPD seminars?

If you are operating in a B2B environment, split up your preference centre by brands or services, or specific industries, depending on your product and service areas. It’s a sure way to increase open rates and engagement.

Most people will fill out their preferences if it means they get the emails they are interested in; it also shows that you care about your customers by giving them the option.

However, if you are going to go down this route, you need to make sure you follow through on their requests. Nothing more annoying than filling out your details for them to be ignored! You can use email platforms to help you create dynamic content and segmentation queries to manage the process effectively and automatically, saving you time and making insight and tracking easy to see how much more engaged your customers are being?

Guest Post by Emma Raw,   Marketing Executive at the DotDigitalGroup  Follow dotmailer on twitter @dotmailer provides qualified lists of professional designers, specifiers and buyers, enabling you to confidently target the right people. So if you’re looking to increase your email marketing activity then talk to our Research Manager,  Liz Robertson  Tel. 01786 407009 to discuss your data requirements.

Guest Post: Achieving Maximum ROI from your B2B Email Marketing

February 20, 2012

byEmma Raw, Marketing Executive, DotDigitalGroup

A typical question we get asked all the time is:

“We sell high ticket B2B services, and need to use email marketing to drive lead generation and build a sales pipeline. What advice can you give for getting the most out of email marketing for B2B?”

Of course email marketing can be an extremely powerful and effective tool for any B2B marketer, why? It’s simple really there are 2 key reasons:

1. Getting personal – automatically

Firstly, B2B marketing is so often about relationship building, and gone are the days where we can invest hours and hours getting to personally know all of our prospects. The beauty of Email marketing is how easy it is to send 1-2-1 personalised and highly targeted messages to specific groups without having to individually change each recipient’s message – imagine the old days of doing that on a typewriter!

2. See the results in front of your eyes

Secondly, and what everyone always wants in marketing – the proof in the pudding! All the data you could possibly want*, which allows you to discover leads and carry out follow-ups easily, so you don’t waste your valuable time on the wrong people.

An email address is only the beginning

So you’ve got your email data and you want to send an email campaign about your products, services or offers and ultimately get a purchase. But this “does not a relationship make”.

However you might find the direct sales message is not having a lasting effect. How about taking a different approach by offering more in the way of content and learning, it’s not just about making a quick sale, it’s about building trust which will keep people coming back much further down the line. Think about the type of email you open, the most interesting from B2B marketers usually contain free downloads, reports, guides and information.

Top 3 things your emails need to tell people:

  • Who is it from?
  • What’s in it for them?
  • What do they do next

Let’s dig a little deeper

Who is it from, do I know you?
Research shows B2B emails are more successful when sent from an individual, rather than a company name. You can easily test this rule with your own database, and ensure you send from a branded ‘from address’ e.g.

What’s in it for them and what do they do next?

So once you’ve got first hurdle and they’ve opened your email, recipients will be asking “what’s this all about?” and “What do I need to do?” These questions will form your content, your subject line and your calls to action.

Everyone’s hungry for good content that will help them in their day-to-day work and it couldn’t be easier, look for ways to use your internal expertise, experience and existing resources. For example… you could put together a white-paper on all you know about writing a great B2B marketing plan, and add it as a downloadable guide on your website and collect their contact details in return.

Simply create a web-form to capture downloaders’ details and map their info back to your dotMailer address book and send them an automatic triggered follow-up email.

Structuring your content

Use your opening paragraph to tell them what the offer is, how it will benefit them and insert a text and a graphical ‘download this free guide now’ link, through to your web form – make sure it’s above the fold so they snap their eyes on it straight away.

Bullet out the key benefits of using your services and each of the pain points you solve. Show some testimonials and client logos to establish your credibility. Then give them the opportunity to download your free white-paper again.

What do you do next?

Now you have an opted-in database of hot prospects who are interested in what you have to say…don’t let them go cold!

Once won, keep the interest warm

Don’t forget your goal here, you want people who are going to advocate and refer others to your business. This will only happen if you continue to build and nurture the relationship after you have won their custom. This might start to sound very time-consuming, but that’s the beauty of email marketing, using regular or triggered emails will automate your efforts and add value to your clients.

Guest Post by Emma Raw,    Marketing Executive at the DotDigitalGroup  Follow dotmailer on twitter @dotmailer

*The new laws due to be enforced in the EU regarding cookies and data capture may impact the amount of data you can receive. provides qualified lists of professional designers, specifiers and buyers, enabling you to confidently target the right people. So if you’re looking to increase your email marketing activity then talk to our Research Manager,  Liz Robertson  Tel. 01786 407009 to discuss your data requirements.

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