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Richer content for more page views: an case study

June 18, 2013


Here’s an example of how enriching the content of your entries – breadth, depth, illustrations and news items – results in more entry views…

Priorities for a busy marketing team

The geotechnical specialist, Maccaferri Ltd has a longstanding partnership with The company had started to use the content management system to upload and maintain product information on the website, and members of its team had logged on for our training webinars.

But a busy marketing agenda and lots of channels competing for time and attention, as well as changes in its marketing team, meant that Maccaferri’s product information was not being kept as fully up to date or complete as the company would have liked – 14 of the 25 entries that it had reserved were not being actively used.

We were keen to ensure that Maccaferri had the best possible profile on our website. High-quality content attracts specifiers and generates new business opportunities.

Enriching content step by step

(more…) – how we highlight your new information

June 18, 2013 has launched new landing pages for the five market sectors that we champion. The landing pages highlight any illustrated entries that are new to or new to the market, including products, projects, articles and CPD materials from producers, consultants, contractors and advisory bodies. Anything that you do that is new and interesting is highlighted and promoted to your target audience.

What’s new in External Works
What’s new in Building Design
What’s new in Interior Design
What’s new in Building Services
What’s new in Environmental Engineering

“Featured this month” carousel

Featured this month are the entries from email bulletins, which are sent out to a fully requested list of decision makers and buyers for increased engagement with your information. Building Design featured products

New entries


Lift for construction industry as London 2012 Marketing Protocol is relaxed

May 9, 2013

Last quarter, suppliers to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were finally able to promote the work they did last summer after a deal between the Government, the BOA and the IOC was reached. If you helped build the Park or the venues, or provided goods and services for the Games, you can now actively promote your involvement. The move may provide a significant boost to the construction industry economy.

Image by Danny Nicholson on Flickr

Supplier recognition scheme

Companies need to apply to the BOA’s ‘supplier recognition scheme’ for a free license. On receipt of the free license, they will be able to promote their work at trade shows both in the UK and internationally, apply for industry awards for their London 2012 work, and use their Olympic involvement in direct pitches and tender documentation when competing for international contracts. Additionally, the license will give businesses exclusive access to the Olympic Delivery Authority’s (ODA) library of more than 4,000 free photographs from the Games.

Case studies on

You can promote your case studies of the London 2012 Games on, in our opt-in email newsletters and in print in External Works edition 23, to reach tens of thousands of key decision-makers in the UK design and construction industry.

Case studies, authored and edited by our Content Team, follow a problem –> solution format, and demonstrate your expertise in providing buyers and specifiers with design assistance and technical support. They can also be used to highlight a multi-product supply solution, or your capabilities for producing bespoke products that address specific problems or unique site conditions.

Supplier recognition scheme – FAQ

Case studies – External Works – external furniture

The award-winning industry bible, EXTERNAL WORKS. To print or not to print? That was the question.

November 16, 2012

Over 25 years of influence and expertise as the market leader and still going strong!

We recently undertook a survey to find out how many professionals and companies still use the EXTERNAL WORKS directory, either in its printed form (affectionately known as the industry bible) or via our website

The survey, which was completed by over 2200 professionals involved in external works and landscape projects, clearly illustrates that this trusted, reliable printed resource is still very much in demand, when it comes to making decisions about who and what to work with.

Nearly 80% of those who took part in the survey, confirmed that they still used their printed edition of  EXTERNAL WORKS and over 70% of respondents wanted to receive a new, up-to-date edition.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge


How case studies help make decisions go in your favour

October 23, 2012

We love working with client content at That’s why through our website, blogs and newsletters, we host a whole range of content types, specifically aimed at influencing specifiers and buyers making important decisions on who and what to work with. In this post, we demonstrate two examples of how our editors work with client content to develop new case studies which have resulted in great enquiries being directed back to our clients.

The two examples given below demonstrate how case studies on can help increase exposure of your products and create greater influence at the right time.

Example 1: Showcasing design innovation for a leading Street furniture manufacturer

We rewrote and edited this client’s material to focus on a problem and solution approach narrative that strikes a chord with designers.

ASF bespoke solutions case study image

By flagging up a specialist manufacturing process, we created a compelling story that is of interest to designers, and shows the specialist manufacturing capabilities and problem-solving attitude of the company.


Great tips from an Architect. Make it easier for your products to be found and specified?

September 25, 2012
We all know architects and designers are highly visual people. So it comes as no surprise that appearance is a key factor when specifying products or systems for client projects. (more…)

Getting social with

August 22, 2012

All companies listed on can now add social media links to your company profile pages, allowing designers, specifiers and buyers easy access to share and connect with your accounts. This new development allows you to clearly display your Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts next to your company profile.

(more…) customer research summary

July 25, 2012

We recently undertook some customer research to further improve our services and help us shape the vision for moving forward.

So here is a short summary of some of the key findings.

This research project was carried out by our research partners, Marketwise Strategies, to help us better understand the needs of our customers and the challenges you face in planning effective marketing activity in an increasingly challenging business environment. (more…)

Make the best use of your content to get your products specified

July 9, 2012

We spend a lot of time working with your content at, ensuring your products are presented in a way that designers, specifiers and buyers need for building or engineering projects.

One important bit of feedback we regularly get from users of, is the fact they really don’t like having to fill out extensive forms to download catalogues,  technical drawings or files.


Are your leads and referrals getting stuck in the funnel?

June 19, 2012

Knowing how and where your leads and enquiries come from is a key priority, period! No longer a ‘nice to know’, channel attribution is key to measuring ROI and for budgeting and planning. Yet there are some very common obstacles that may be preventing valuable enquiries or leads being fed back to your business.

In this post, we look at some very simple things you can do to ensure that leads and referrals generated by are getting back to your business.


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