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The award-winning industry bible, EXTERNAL WORKS. To print or not to print? That was the question.

November 16, 2012

Over 25 years of influence and expertise as the market leader and still going strong!

We recently undertook a survey to find out how many professionals and companies still use the EXTERNAL WORKS directory, either in its printed form (affectionately known as the industry bible) or via our website

The survey, which was completed by over 2200 professionals involved in external works and landscape projects, clearly illustrates that this trusted, reliable printed resource is still very much in demand, when it comes to making decisions about who and what to work with.

Nearly 80% of those who took part in the survey, confirmed that they still used their printed edition of  EXTERNAL WORKS and over 70% of respondents wanted to receive a new, up-to-date edition.

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Talking to people: still relevant and effective in a digital age

June 20, 2012

Guest post by David Bain, Marketwise Strategies

In an age when online, ‘DIY’ market research solutions abound, it can be tempting to dismiss traditional methods such as in-depth phone or face-to-face interviews. Both online and face-to-face research have their place, however, so how do you choose the right research method for the right situation? (more…)

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