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How we promote our clients through social media networks

May 9, 2013

Summary: has well established social marketing accounts on Twitter to pro-actively promote interesting products and services to an engaged audience. Each of our market sectors has its own Twitter account, allowing us to alert our followers to information that is relevant, useful and interesting to them. When you update or create new entries on, tweet us and we will share this content with our network of followers if it will help them make better decisions for better environments.

• social media early adopters
• Marketplace-branded Twitter feeds
• Update your content and share it with a wider audience’s social media followers

Whether you invest time and energy in social media marketing or not, it is always beneficial when your your expertise is highlighted and promoted through these channels on your behalf. It increases awareness of your brand and business proposition. has made great headway as an early adopter of social media marketing. During this time, we have built a large network of professional decision makers and influencers. Did you know we have been actively promoting our clients’ products and services for several years?

We direct our followers to products, articles, case studies and projects on that we think will help them make better decisions about who to work with and what materials to use for their projects. And we know they forward interesting links to their colleagues and followers. All this results in increased reach and influence for clients’ whose work we promote.


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Twitter feeds for the market sectors we champion 


Great tips from an Architect. Make it easier for your products to be found and specified?

September 25, 2012
We all know architects and designers are highly visual people. So it comes as no surprise that appearance is a key factor when specifying products or systems for client projects. (more…)

Getting social with

August 22, 2012

All companies listed on can now add social media links to your company profile pages, allowing designers, specifiers and buyers easy access to share and connect with your accounts. This new development allows you to clearly display your Twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts next to your company profile.


Catching our eye on the web in August

August 22, 2012

August –  After a truly spectacular games, life slowly returns to normal at towers.  That said, there has been some fantastic resources and posts on the web this month.


Find out what caught our eye from the web in July

July 30, 2012

Fever pitch excitement of the Olympics now gives way to the hard graft of getting the job done for the stars of team GB. Barring sport, there has been some great construction and marketing articles on the web this month. OK, well even we got caught up in olympiad fever with two great posts about projects built in the Olympic Park.


Catching our eye on the web in June

June 18, 2012

Glorious June –   Some fine weather and some shocking rain, diamond celebrations and Euro 2012.  It’s been difficult to pay attention to the web this month, but we managed in order to bring you some useful posts and guidance catching our eyes this month.


Get email creative that “works” hard for your campaigns

May 21, 2012

Guest post by Emma Raw, Marketing Executive at dotMailer

What are your readers seeing in your email campaigns?

The thing with emails is that it’s as much what they look like as what they say, so making sure your email creative is right – and keeping in mind what your reader will see – will make a massive impact.

Before you start on your email creative you need to think seriously about what you want your email to achieve; what action you want your reader to take. Are you trying to encourage them to purchase or sign up to something; is it about increasing your brand awareness, or is it information like a newsletter? Whichever it is, you will need to change your creative accordingly.

Seeing through your customers’ eyes  

You need to think about the whole journey, and firstly: what do they see when your email hits their inbox?

Images turned off?

When an email hits your inbox it normally has its images turned off, so you need to think about what your readers can see. You need to give them enough information to encourage them to want to reveal the rest of the email, but not too much so they avoid ‘show all content’. Why? Well, because if you’re analysing your stats then they aren’t going to be true to form if readers don’t need to open the email fully. The way ESPs can track your email and know if someone has opened it, is through a tiny 1px image that once downloaded, generates an “opened” response. If they can get all your juicy info without doing this, you won’t get vital stats on the campaign.

Think about your readers and what mail service they are using. If you’re sending to B2C, look at how gmail, Hotmail and so forth preview emails. However, if it’s B2B customers you need to be aware of Outlook and Lotus notes, if you have a massive header and no content or reference Preview panel in Outlook, the email is likely to show up blank in the recipient’s inbox which is not a great start.

Here’s a great example from Pizza Express: they designed their background to mimic the email once the images are opened, and this gives people an insight to the content of the email and is likely to make them open it fully if it looks of interest.

On the move

Think about mobile: how will it render on a small screen? 52% of consumers now access emails through their phones*. So it’s pretty clear that mobile devices and smartphones need to change the way we approach email.

You need to make sure they are clear, with big buttons, and easily read on small screens.

Getting creative

Let’s take some practical examples:

The month of May and June should be pretty easy for Harrods to think of a theme: yep, you guessed it, the Royal Jubilee. They have executed it beautifully, the theme is strong and clear and they have extended the email so it’s not just about shopping, they also have a link through to the history of Harrods, which opens the email up to people who aren’t planning to buy anything.

Don’t forget about rich media (video), shown here in this email for Butlins. If you are sending mainly to B2C customers, you can use tools such as video directly in the email as ESPs like Hotmail support this.

Catching our eye on the web in May

May 17, 2012

Well, May is turning out to be a very, very wet month indeed, but online it continues to shine, shine, shine. Some great posts to help with your marketing activity, and yet more reasons to be cheerful with useful tools to help with your content marketing plans.

(more…) External Works Blog- Q & A with Stephen Bird.

May 17, 2012

What do you do at

I’m the editor of our External Works channel of information. I headed up the production of the annual External Works sourcebook from 2000, and now look after the same marketplace as covered by our digital publications.

I’ve also got wider responsibility for looking after editorial processes at In practice, that has meant big changes in the way that we do publishing.

Not too long ago, we had a fairly predictable yearly routine of researching, compiling and printing the External Works directory and other titles.

Now, the way that landscape and construction professionals find, use and share product information is changing all the time. So our information, publications and tools need to keep evolving and adapting as well, to keep apace of their working practices.


What’s catching our eye on the web in April.

April 19, 2012

Part of a regular new feature for our monthly newsletter, here are some great blog posts and articles that have caught our eye here at towers.


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