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New landing pages help your target audience to find your products and services

July 19, 2013

The market sector landing pages have been redesigned to make it easier for buyers and specifiers to find the right companies to work with and materials to use for their projects.

The main improvements and benefits are listed below:

  1. Exploring topics and categories – a new topical fly-out panel to help uncommitted buyers looking for ideas and inspiration.
  2. Finding the right companies to work with – in keeping with’s aim to provide a platform for all companies involved in the creation of better environments, we’ve created an index of manufacturers, consultants, contractors and useful organisations with links to featured products, projects and services.
  3. Identifying solution providers – a higher profile for case studies, CPD and articles to help our clients win more business during the early stages of a project.
  4. Discovering What’s New – any new entries you publish are promoted for three months in a dedicated channel to help specifiers identify new products and partners for their projects.
  5. Staying informed – more visibility and promotion for any company, product and project news that you post, helping you communicate significant developments and opportunities to the markets you serve.

See what opportunities are available to you on the new market sector landing pages:

External Works
Building Design
Interior Design
Building Services
Environmental Engineering

How buyers and specifiers browse for ideas and inspiration

In this working example, we have used the Drainage topic in EXTERNAL WORKS to explain some of the features and benefits of the new browse function.

Topics are found on the left of each of our market sector landing pages. Each topic is a grouping of products and services that are commonly required for a development project.

Buyers and specifiers are encouraged to explore an entire topic by clicking a link to review the options available from manufacturers, consultants and contractors. When you promote your products, services and expertise through, we provide different ways for your target audience to find you.

External Works specify landscape design architecture products


Six writing tips that will increase your reach and influence

July 18, 2013

When it comes to describing your products and services on, the ‘running order’ shown in the content management system helps you maximise your visibility and exposure.

CMS screenshot

A  buyer reading a well-structured description of your product or service knows whether you’ll probably be able to satisfy their requirements. If you are, they’ll be prompted to act. That could mean contacting you for a quote or additional information by phone or by email, downloading related literature and files, or simply deciding to use your products or services.

Our approach to technical communication – and the approach that we recommend you take with each of your entries – is based on BS 4940 Technical Information on Construction Products and Services.

Here are six principles to bear in mind:

Catching our eye on the web in August

August 22, 2012

August –  After a truly spectacular games, life slowly returns to normal at towers.  That said, there has been some fantastic resources and posts on the web this month.


Find out what caught our eye from the web in July

July 30, 2012

Fever pitch excitement of the Olympics now gives way to the hard graft of getting the job done for the stars of team GB. Barring sport, there has been some great construction and marketing articles on the web this month. OK, well even we got caught up in olympiad fever with two great posts about projects built in the Olympic Park.


Catching our eye on the web in June

June 18, 2012

Glorious June –   Some fine weather and some shocking rain, diamond celebrations and Euro 2012.  It’s been difficult to pay attention to the web this month, but we managed in order to bring you some useful posts and guidance catching our eyes this month.


Catching our eye on the web in May

May 17, 2012

Well, May is turning out to be a very, very wet month indeed, but online it continues to shine, shine, shine. Some great posts to help with your marketing activity, and yet more reasons to be cheerful with useful tools to help with your content marketing plans.


What’s catching our eye on the web in April.

April 19, 2012

Part of a regular new feature for our monthly newsletter, here are some great blog posts and articles that have caught our eye here at towers.


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