Email subscriptions: how your promotions reach the right people


In a previous post, we covered the new client dashboard that allows you to manage all aspects of your content and see powerful metrics relating to your online entries and when you are promoted in our email bulletins.

This month we look at the subscriptions section of the new dashboard, and how this affects you and the prospects you are trying to reach. users can now choose which email bulletins to subscribe to according to the market sector that interests them. dashboard logged in

The My Interests and Subscriptions module primarily caters for designers, specifiers and buyers who want to subscribe to ESI information services. In the future, we will send them email bulletins for very specific topics and give them personalised information alerts that match their specific interests they come to our website.

Marketers, manufacturers and suppliers can also subscribe to the bulletins, to keep up to date with what is new in the industry.

Interests and Subscriptions

The My Professional Interests module is where users register their details and marketplace interests. From this information, we  send them one or more of our email bulletins – External Works, Building Design, Interior Design, Building Services or Environmental Engineering.

Professional Interests

If you have been featured in an information bulletin, you can see the job title, company name and town of an of our registered users who opened the email or clicked through to your content, by logging in to the My Campaign Stats section of your dashboard.

These new campaign reports will help you to:
• Assess the quality of the audience you are reaching
• Identify some of the leads and enquiries that have been generated for you by as a result of your marketing exposure

Here for you

If you would like a demonstration of the new metrics interface or are interested in exploring marketing opportunities including email campaigns, call 01786 447005 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.


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