New metrics reporting interface: assess your ROI


In this post, we look at the new interface for reporting metrics, which has received positive feedback, particularly when it comes to campaign metrics.

Being able to witness detailed results of a specific marketing activity is very useful and powerful and ESI’s new dashboard facility delivers just that.
Adam Pulfer
Marketing, Development & Technical Director
Hoppings Softwood Products

1. My Metrics

Many thanks to Woodhouse for allowing us to use their metrics as a working example. Woodhouse is a designer and manufacturer of high quality exterior lighting and street furniture for public realm and commercial environments. Their products are specified by architects, landscape architects and engineers in the public and private sector.

My Online Entry Stats

This module allows you to see how many times your promoted products and services have been viewed across a period of time.

An entry view is recorded when the detail page for your product or service is selected and viewed by a user. It is a click through from a search result and an indicator of engagement and interest.

When you look at your online entry metrics, the last complete twelve months of statistics are presented as the default view. You can select other time periods to compare the relative performance of your published entries over time. You can also specify month ranges if required.

construction industry online marketing campaign stats

In this example, the sharp rise in October and November this year was due to an investment in extending and enhancing Woodhouse’s product information, supported by illustrated news posts and a case study – 130 entries were created or enhanced over this period.

construction industry marketing online entry views

If an entry has been promoted in a bulletin – for example, the new Coda range at the bottom of the list above, you can view the campaign metrics to see who has viewed the promotion and clicked through to read more (see below).

Click here to sign in and view your Online Entry Stats

My Download Stats

This view gives you a report of all the documents and files that have been downloaded from over the selected period.

construction industry marketing download metrics

Downloads are a significant indicator of engagement and interest. Remember that up to five documents can be associated with each published entry.

Click here to sign in and view your Download Stats

My Campaign Stats

If your products or services have been promoted in an email bulletin, you can now see who viewed the campaign and clicked on your promoted entry. The Coda range was promoted in a November bulletin. news item Email campaign stats

Campaign statistics are updated on a daily basis. If you receive an enquiry for a product or service shortly after it was promoted, the probability is that the interest was triggered by

These new campaign reports will help you to:

• Assess the quality of the audience you are reaching

• Identify some of the leads and enquiries that have been generated for you by as a result of your marketing exposure

Since we started including details of click-through audience in our bulletin campaign reports, many of our clients have been able to attribute new enquiries to the marketing promotion they received through the bulletins.

Thank you. It looks good! I recognised one company which we’ve recently had an enquiry from.
Dorota Smilgin
Kee Safety

If you have a Gold or Platinum subscription, email bulletin promotions are included as part of your marketing package.

Click here to sign in and view your Campaign Stats

Download a media pack if you would like more information on bulletin promotions or managed email campaigns.

Campaign FAQs

* What campaign metrics do we report?

Campaign metrics are collated by the third party email platform we use for campaign preparation and fulfillment. Before reporting on the metrics, we analyse the open and click rates to identify system scans; any metrics where the interval between opens or clicks is less than three seconds are discarded.

* Why are there high open and click rates reported for some users?

Some large organisations – for example, local authorities and major design consultants – take a central subscription to ESI information bulletins. On receiving the bulletin, the subscriber distributes the bulletin internally if they think the content is relevant. Any subsequent opens or clicks are recorded against the original recipient as we have no way of knowing who the bulletin has been forwarded to.

* Can you provide full contact details, including the name, email address and telephone of people who have clicked through to a promoted entry?

Our privacy policy states that we will provide sufficient information to give our clients an indication of the audience they are reaching, without compromising our users’ right to privacy. If someone wants you to contact them directly, they can do so by sending you an email or calling you and giving you their details. During the research and discovery stage, buyers often don’t want to be ‘sold’ to. There is usually sufficient information on the page to allow users, particularly when there are downloads available, to determine whether or not a product or service will probably satisfy requirements. Often, another person in the organization will be charged with obtaining detailed information about pricing and availability when the project is at a more advanced stage.

2. Assessing ROI

At we aim to provide detailed, illustrated information on your key products and services. We provide a variety of mechanisms for interested parties to progress their interest including your contact details and workflow tools.

If you’re using web referral analytics as your primary measure to gauge ROI, you’re getting a very partial view of the benefits of content-rich marketing with a specialist information provider. Anyone who chooses to select and view your promoted products and services has a current or future requirement to satisfy.

By providing you with information on the entries that have been selected and viewed, and in the case of bulletin campaigns, the people who have viewed or selected your entry, we hope you will get a better indication of the value of your marketing exposure with

3. Website referrals is not a click-through website, so we don’t report click-through metrics.

Most of our clients use web analytics software to track website referrals, so this data is readily available.

If getting click-throughs to your website is your main objective, we recommend the following options over and above optimizing your website for search engines.

1. Paid for search

The only way to guarantee that you will appear on page 1 of search results is to pay for position. Whilst this will generate clicks through to your website, it’s very easy to rack up substantial costs, so you need to be sure that your clicks are coming from the right people and are being converted into business.

2. Direct marketing

ESI Direct offers list rental and managed campaign email campaign services. We can provide you with top quality mailing lists with the business emails of named decision makers.

With gone-aways at a minimum and response levels well above average, is a company that truly understands the market and has the capability of compiling a selection of named contacts that matches client needs. I continue to value the additional insights they provide.

Nicholas Gill, Account Director
CIB Communications Ltd

Address books can be specified by business sector, job role and geographical area. We can check your own address books, adding or removing contacts as required.

If you are interested in exploring direct marketing opportunities, there is an overview on the processes and costs on pages 6-7 of the current media packs.

Here for you

Illustrated entry views continue to account for over 90% of all entry views on the website. This reinforces the benefits of illustrating your products and services if you want to significantly extend your reach and influence to a professional business-to-business audience.

If you would like a demonstration of the new metrics interface or are interested in exploring marketing opportunities including email campaigns, call 01786 447005 or send us an email and we’ll get right back to you.


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