Key data: Simple steps to improve your visibility on


Our ESI.infoTV series interviewed architects, interior designers and landscape architects to find out how they use to shortlist products for their projects.

Key data is an important element when people refine and filter on to narrow down their search results to find something that meets their requirements.

One of the key things to come out of the video was how filtering systems help a buyer narrow down and compare different products or services – it is all designed to help them make better decisions for better environments. An architect on the Just Practising blog said sites like are invaluable time savers when they need to compare products in one place.

If your key data is not complete, you may miss out when buyers filter and refine their search results on

Follow these 5 steps to check your key data is complete:

Try the following 7 steps to compare your key data and find the gaps

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Search for your company, then select the ‘Products’ tab in your company shopfront.

3. Select one of the information channels (eg products, services or case studies) in your company shopfront.
(below) 1 sign in 3 select channel
4. Filter your results to a single category.
5. Click the ‘Select all” button.

6. Click the compare function.

5 select all 6 compare

7. Look for gaps in the key data to highlight where information can be added.  (below)

On the Compare screen, you can: (1) scroll left and right to compare all your products in a category; and (2) look for gaps in the key data to highlight where information can be added.  (below)

ESI Compare 5. gaps in key data

If you see an entry that is missing key data, select the entry to go to the detail page and click the ‘Edit this entry’ link to complete the missing key data.

You need to be signed in to to see the Edit this entry link. (below)

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