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At we never stand still, constantly developing our website and information services to help you extend your reach and influence. We have improved the company page to give you a shopfront that showcases all of your information in one place, more clearly than before. Your company profile page has been developed into a microsite where buyers can quickly grasp the full extent of your business proposition from a fixed index at the top of the page. Products, services, case studies, projects, CPD materials, documents, news and events can all be promoted to build awareness of your brand and expert capabilities. Buyers can browse all your published information through the channels that interests them, increasing your new business and cross-selling opportunities.

Forbo Company Products channel   The documents channel (below) provides a visual overview of all of your PDF brochures and technical documents.

Forbo Company Documents channel

And if you have taken advantage of free-of-charge news posts on, an archive stream of these is now displayed, giving buyers confidence that your company is well established in the market.

Broxap news archive

How to improve your profile:

  • Go to
  • Log in or register if you need to set up an account to manage your published content
  • Find your company page
  • Click through each of the tabs in the index
  • Make sure the main image of each illustrated entry is optimised.  If it isn’t, click the Edit this entry link and upload a new main image.

If you want to publish more information, find out about our new marketing subscriptions by downloading a media pack. The Platinum and Gold subscriptions allow you to publish unlimited illustrated entries in all the information channels, to promote new products and services through email bulletins to an engaged audience, and to run dedicated email campaigns to an audience that matches your target markets. We are here for you.

Get in touch if you need assistance:

Email Or call us on 01786 407000  


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    […] and sign in. 2. Search for your company, then select the ‘Products’ tab in your company shopfront. 3. Select one of the information channels (eg products, services or case studies) in your […]

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