New illustrated view for suppliers


We have developed the Companies view in all categories on The new view is more visually appealing for your audience, making it easier for them to assess your business proposition.

New companies view

Remember the image-rich layouts in our industry-leading printed directories? This treatment provides a similar view, as well as including a snippet from your category entry to provide context.

An attractive, visual layout is still a must for buyers – when we conducted a user survey last year, they told us that browsing for ideas before searching for something specific is an important part of their workflow.

This new supplier view gives an attractive at-a-glance overview of all companies in a category, and shows up to five of your illustrated entries if they match the user’s requirements. The gallery image of matching entries is used for the view, so it’s important to make sure your best illustration is chosen as the gallery image – find out how to update your images and select your best one as the gallery image.

The sort order of your entries in a category can be controlled:

  • Sign in to the content management system
  • At the bottom of an entry, click the ‘manage’ button (below)
  • Then specify the sort order of your entries in the category CMS Manage sort order button

Specify the sort order of your entries in a category (below) CMS manage sort order

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