Richer content for more page views: an case study



Here’s an example of how enriching the content of your entries – breadth, depth, illustrations and news items – results in more entry views…

Priorities for a busy marketing team

The geotechnical specialist, Maccaferri Ltd has a longstanding partnership with The company had started to use the content management system to upload and maintain product information on the website, and members of its team had logged on for our training webinars.

But a busy marketing agenda and lots of channels competing for time and attention, as well as changes in its marketing team, meant that Maccaferri’s product information was not being kept as fully up to date or complete as the company would have liked – 14 of the 25 entries that it had reserved were not being actively used.

We were keen to ensure that Maccaferri had the best possible profile on our website. High-quality content attracts specifiers and generates new business opportunities.

Enriching content step by step


1) Check your content vs your own campaigns

Initially, we undertook a fresh audit of Maccaferri’s content, and drew up a full list of the products that featured on its website. Using that list, Maccaferri was able to quickly identify the products it wanted to continue to promote on and the new entries that had to be created.

2) Make sure each entry is 100% complete

The content team at helped with the work required – capturing key data, writing copy and extracting pictures – to create complete entries for publication on Then we let Maccaferri know that the entries were live on the site.

3) Add PDF downloads for takeaway

Later, on the publication of a new set of Maccaferri’s own product literature, we added a series of PDFs to, linking them to the corresponding product entries and producing a summary spreadsheet to help in reviewing the work done.


4) Add case studies for storytelling

Then, as an additional phase, so that Maccaferri could take advantage of the new “Solutions” channel on, we drew up a list of possible case studies to feature on our website. Maccaferri confirmed the selection and the content team helped with the work required.

5) Make sure all your key products are covered

When the Maccaferri booking with was renewed, it included additional entries to cover more products, and we created a further nine case studies.

6) Get your entries in e-Bulletins

We featured one of Maccaferri’s case studies in the monthly External Works e-Bulletin.

7) Make the most of button ads

And finally, we created seven button adverts in relevant categories to provide additional brand exposure to users of

Cause and effect: more entry views

Maccaferri would come to have 50 illustrated product entries, providing comprehensive coverage of its product range, as well as 22 case studies, four news entries and an expert article.

The development of their content resulted in a trebling of the company’s monthly entry views.

In the period November 2011 to October 2012, Maccaferri had 8269 entry views and 1649 document downloads.

The e-Bulletin returned five clicks on the company’s case study – high-quality marks of specific interest from relevant professional decision-makers: Senior Architectural Technician, Consulting Engineer, Infrastructure Project Manager, Principal Landscape Architect, Arboricultural Officer.

“ has done some great work for us this year and we are pleased that our presence and visibility in the marketplace has increased.”  – Caroline Brown, Marketing Co-ordinator, Maccaferri Ltd

Your DIY content health check

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