– how we highlight your new information

by has launched new landing pages for the five market sectors that we champion. The landing pages highlight any illustrated entries that are new to or new to the market, including products, projects, articles and CPD materials from producers, consultants, contractors and advisory bodies. Anything that you do that is new and interesting is highlighted and promoted to your target audience.

What’s new in External Works
What’s new in Building Design
What’s new in Interior Design
What’s new in Building Services
What’s new in Environmental Engineering

“Featured this month” carousel

Featured this month are the entries from email bulletins, which are sent out to a fully requested list of decision makers and buyers for increased engagement with your information. Building Design featured products

New entries

New entries are now highlighted on the What’s new page, and with prominent exposure on landing pages. If you engage with on an ongoing basis, by drip-feeding new information such as news, recent projects, and new products, you will get extra promotion. landing page New entries

Why change?

We never stand still – our technology changes regularly to improve the experience. This is why we have updated our landing pages to showcase new products and case studies.

Designers, buyers and specifiers using want to see what’s new to the website, so highlighting fresh entries keeps them abreast of what’s happening in the market and helps them decide who and what to work with.

Our clients’ new information is highlighted, extending your reach and influence amongst the key decision makers.

We’re here for you – if you need advice on how to add new information to maximise your exposure on, get in touch:

Email us

Call 01786 407000

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