Use’s Content Management System to extend your reach and influence


The Content Management System (CMS) is a useful tool that allows you to promote your brand, products and services whenever you want to.

We have invested a large amount of time and money in developing it, and it is the best Content Management System in our market sector. You can publish detailed information on products and systems, projects and your latest company and product news.

Regular updates ensure buyers are aware of your on-going business proposition. Designers and specifiers are keen to keep up to date with the latest sector innovations and news. We’re keen to deliver that information to them on your behalf. Posting new content will increase your reach and influence in your market sector.


Sign in to your account

But I don’t have enough time!

We’re all busy with our day-to-day routines, but some things are worth making the time for. Rich, detailed, accurate information will make a big difference to your brand perception.

Did you know, it takes less than:

  • 5 minutes to create a brand new illustrated entry with supporting downloads.
  • 60 seconds to add a new illustration and make it your gallery image.
  • 60 seconds to add a new download.

And what’s more, you can see your enhancements instantly.

Time management is a constant challenge for any professional person managing multiple projects at once. Here at ESI, we use systems like Getting Things Done and The Pomodoro Technique to break tasks into small, manageable segments, blocking off chunks of time and eliminating distractions.

How do I manage my content?

Here’s a simple process that will make a difference to the ROI you get from

  • Keep track of anything that’s new and interesting at your company
  • Organise your assets, particularly illustrations and downloads
  • Block off an hour a month:
    • Post any new content, including images and downloads to
    • Have a quick look over your profile and make incremental improvements to anything that catches your eye.
    • Two of the most important things that will really make a difference are adding new or larger illustrations and checking your key data.
  1. SIGN IN at the top right on any page
  2. Select Manage your content
  3. Your Company tab (see image below): logo, contact details and social media
  4. Your Entries tab (see image below): amend existing entries, or add new products, case studies or news. marketing Better Decisions for Better Environments

Who can use the CMS?

Anyone who has content on

  • All companies illustrated or listed on can manage their content in the CMS – contact us for a reminder of your sign in details.
  • More than one person per company can have an account, meaning that several marketing staff, marketing agents, product managers or technical staff can collaborate.
  • Any company with non-illustrated pages can also manage the content of their free-of-charge listings.

We’re here for you

If you’ve forgotten your password, go to and ask for a reminder.

If you haven’t got a CMS log in, email us and we’ll set one up for you.

If you need advice or assistance on how to maximise your exposure on, we are always able to help produce content collaboratively – get in touch:

Call 01786 407000

Email us

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