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Use’s Content Management System to extend your reach and influence

June 18, 2013

The Content Management System (CMS) is a useful tool that allows you to promote your brand, products and services whenever you want to.

We have invested a large amount of time and money in developing it, and it is the best Content Management System in our market sector. You can publish detailed information on products and systems, projects and your latest company and product news.

Regular updates ensure buyers are aware of your on-going business proposition. Designers and specifiers are keen to keep up to date with the latest sector innovations and news. We’re keen to deliver that information to them on your behalf. Posting new content will increase your reach and influence in your market sector.


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But I don’t have enough time!

We’re all busy with our day-to-day routines, but some things are worth making the time for. Rich, detailed, accurate information will make a big difference to your brand perception.

Did you know, it takes less than:

  • 5 minutes to create a brand new illustrated entry with supporting downloads.
  • 60 seconds to add a new illustration and make it your gallery image.
  • 60 seconds to add a new download.

And what’s more, you can see your enhancements instantly.

Time management is a constant challenge for any professional person managing multiple projects at once. Here at ESI, we use systems like Getting Things Done and The Pomodoro Technique to break tasks into small, manageable segments, blocking off chunks of time and eliminating distractions.

How do I manage my content?


Richer content for more page views: an case study

June 18, 2013


Here’s an example of how enriching the content of your entries – breadth, depth, illustrations and news items – results in more entry views…

Priorities for a busy marketing team

The geotechnical specialist, Maccaferri Ltd has a longstanding partnership with The company had started to use the content management system to upload and maintain product information on the website, and members of its team had logged on for our training webinars.

But a busy marketing agenda and lots of channels competing for time and attention, as well as changes in its marketing team, meant that Maccaferri’s product information was not being kept as fully up to date or complete as the company would have liked – 14 of the 25 entries that it had reserved were not being actively used.

We were keen to ensure that Maccaferri had the best possible profile on our website. High-quality content attracts specifiers and generates new business opportunities.

Enriching content step by step

(more…) – how we highlight your new information

June 18, 2013 has launched new landing pages for the five market sectors that we champion. The landing pages highlight any illustrated entries that are new to or new to the market, including products, projects, articles and CPD materials from producers, consultants, contractors and advisory bodies. Anything that you do that is new and interesting is highlighted and promoted to your target audience.

What’s new in External Works
What’s new in Building Design
What’s new in Interior Design
What’s new in Building Services
What’s new in Environmental Engineering

“Featured this month” carousel

Featured this month are the entries from email bulletins, which are sent out to a fully requested list of decision makers and buyers for increased engagement with your information. Building Design featured products

New entries


Increase your reach and influence with email bulletins

June 14, 2013

Increase your reach and influence by promoting your products, services and expertise with email bulletins.

With an average open rate of over 40%, monthly bulletins guarantee high quality exposure to professional decision makers and influencers. Our subscription lists are 100% personally requested. At, we believe that quality is important – we always provide detailed information to help buyers make the right decisions. When buyers click to read more, it means they’re interested in your business proposition.

Check out the June bulletin for INTERIOR DESIGN – if you like what you see, sign up and we’ll send you future editions.

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