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A picture speaks a thousand words… A truism, perhaps, but the old adage certainly makes sense when buyers are deciding who to work with and what materials to use for their projects. Potential suppliers are often shortlisted on the basis of visual information alone.

In this quick ‘How to’ video, we show you how to make the most of the images in your illustrated entries on Brand new functionality in our Content Management System allows you to re-crop, zoom and drag-and-drop images.

We save three versions of any illustrations you upload:

  1. High quality image for zoom.  The zoom function is enabled if the image you upload is high enough quality, allowing interested buyers to get a better feel for your proposition.
  2. Thumbnail image.  The thumbnail cropped to’s standard size to present you to best advantage in search results and gallery displays.
  3. Standard image for display on your product or case study page.

Follow these simple steps to update your images on

  • Find an entry with images that need to be updated
  • Sign in to YOUR ACCOUNT, at the top right corner of
  • Click ‘Edit this entry‘, which appears to the right of the page title, to go to the Content Management System
  • Open the ‘Images’ tab and click the yellow ‘Add an image‘ button
  • Crop to ceate your thumbnail, that focuses on the most interesting part of the image
  • Shuffle the images to present them in the best sequence
  • Select the best image in position 1 – this is displayed as your main gallery image
  • Check your caption to help buyers understand what they are looking at

The whole process will take less than three minutes per entry and will lead to greater engagement from specifiers and buyers.

If you’d like us to walk you through the process, call us on 01786 407000 and ask to speak to one of our content specialists.

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