How we promote our clients through social media networks


Summary: has well established social marketing accounts on Twitter to pro-actively promote interesting products and services to an engaged audience. Each of our market sectors has its own Twitter account, allowing us to alert our followers to information that is relevant, useful and interesting to them. When you update or create new entries on, tweet us and we will share this content with our network of followers if it will help them make better decisions for better environments.

• social media early adopters
• Marketplace-branded Twitter feeds
• Update your content and share it with a wider audience’s social media followers

Whether you invest time and energy in social media marketing or not, it is always beneficial when your your expertise is highlighted and promoted through these channels on your behalf. It increases awareness of your brand and business proposition. has made great headway as an early adopter of social media marketing. During this time, we have built a large network of professional decision makers and influencers. Did you know we have been actively promoting our clients’ products and services for several years?

We direct our followers to products, articles, case studies and projects on that we think will help them make better decisions about who to work with and what materials to use for their projects. And we know they forward interesting links to their colleagues and followers. All this results in increased reach and influence for clients’ whose work we promote.


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Twitter feeds for the market sectors we champion 

Our revamped Twitter feeds are designed to ensure that as many people as possible – and the most relevant people – in your target market are made aware of your business propositions via’s Twitter activities. has five Twitter feeds, corresponding to the five market sectors we champion: External Works, Interior Design, Building Design, Building Services and Environmental Engineering.

Each Twitter feed is clearly branded, meaning that its followers – your audience, your prospects and clients – will know at a glance that it is directly relevant to them, helping them to make better decisions for better environments.

The more relevant and directly appropriate information we promote through these marketplace-specific feeds, the more people will want to engage with and share this content.

You can check out our marketplace-branded Twitter feeds here:

Extending your reach and influence with

Make sure you add new products and case studies to your company profile on as they come on stream. We monitor new entries on a daily basis and are keen to promote interesting developments to our followers – they invariably attract attention, extending your reach and influence.

Add a news item to your – if you don’t have new products or case studies, publishing a drip-feed of company news is a good way to keep your brand visible. News is also highly suited to social media – Twitter is rapidly updated, and information like press releases, your attendance at trade shows, new awards, accreditations or staff changes always get interest.

Log in to our Content Management System to update your pages on so that they are fresh and ready for sharing.

Share your entry on Twitter and include @ExternalWorks, @ESIBuilding, @ESIInteriors, @ESI_BuildSvcEng or @ESI_EnviroEng in your tweet, and we will re-tweet to our network of followers. marketplace-specific Twitter feeds marketplace-specific Twitter feeds


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