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How we promote our clients through social media networks

May 9, 2013

Summary: has well established social marketing accounts on Twitter to pro-actively promote interesting products and services to an engaged audience. Each of our market sectors has its own Twitter account, allowing us to alert our followers to information that is relevant, useful and interesting to them. When you update or create new entries on, tweet us and we will share this content with our network of followers if it will help them make better decisions for better environments.

• social media early adopters
• Marketplace-branded Twitter feeds
• Update your content and share it with a wider audience’s social media followers

Whether you invest time and energy in social media marketing or not, it is always beneficial when your your expertise is highlighted and promoted through these channels on your behalf. It increases awareness of your brand and business proposition. has made great headway as an early adopter of social media marketing. During this time, we have built a large network of professional decision makers and influencers. Did you know we have been actively promoting our clients’ products and services for several years?

We direct our followers to products, articles, case studies and projects on that we think will help them make better decisions about who to work with and what materials to use for their projects. And we know they forward interesting links to their colleagues and followers. All this results in increased reach and influence for clients’ whose work we promote.


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Twitter feeds for the market sectors we champion 


Lift for construction industry as London 2012 Marketing Protocol is relaxed

May 9, 2013

Last quarter, suppliers to the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games were finally able to promote the work they did last summer after a deal between the Government, the BOA and the IOC was reached. If you helped build the Park or the venues, or provided goods and services for the Games, you can now actively promote your involvement. The move may provide a significant boost to the construction industry economy.

Image by Danny Nicholson on Flickr

Supplier recognition scheme

Companies need to apply to the BOA’s ‘supplier recognition scheme’ for a free license. On receipt of the free license, they will be able to promote their work at trade shows both in the UK and internationally, apply for industry awards for their London 2012 work, and use their Olympic involvement in direct pitches and tender documentation when competing for international contracts. Additionally, the license will give businesses exclusive access to the Olympic Delivery Authority’s (ODA) library of more than 4,000 free photographs from the Games.

Case studies on

You can promote your case studies of the London 2012 Games on, in our opt-in email newsletters and in print in External Works edition 23, to reach tens of thousands of key decision-makers in the UK design and construction industry.

Case studies, authored and edited by our Content Team, follow a problem –> solution format, and demonstrate your expertise in providing buyers and specifiers with design assistance and technical support. They can also be used to highlight a multi-product supply solution, or your capabilities for producing bespoke products that address specific problems or unique site conditions.

Supplier recognition scheme – FAQ

Case studies – External Works – external furniture

Maximise your visual impact on

May 9, 2013

A picture speaks a thousand words… A truism, perhaps, but the old adage certainly makes sense when buyers are deciding who to work with and what materials to use for their projects. Potential suppliers are often shortlisted on the basis of visual information alone.

In this quick ‘How to’ video, we show you how to make the most of the images in your illustrated entries on Brand new functionality in our Content Management System allows you to re-crop, zoom and drag-and-drop images.

We save three versions of any illustrations you upload:

  1. High quality image for zoom.  The zoom function is enabled if the image you upload is high enough quality, allowing interested buyers to get a better feel for your proposition.
  2. Thumbnail image.  The thumbnail cropped to’s standard size to present you to best advantage in search results and gallery displays.
  3. Standard image for display on your product or case study page.

Follow these simple steps to update your images on

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