Increasing page views and enquiries for your company – the devil’s in the detail


We’re never happy standing still at Our goal is to maximise conversions for you and all the other companies featured on the site. To this end we’re continually improving the user experience for the thousands of specifiers, buyers and designers who choose every day. By helping them to make smarter decisions more quickly we are confident we will create more leads for you.

Here’s a breakdown of key improvements to your pages on 

1. Featured entries

Showcase all of your key products, services or case studies in a category. Users can filter by relevant criteria using the navigation links, helping them pinpoint which of your entries are right for their projects.

2. Improved signposting

Following a series of usability tests involving different designs, we’ve increased the prominence of the Send enquiry button to increase the number of emails submitted direct to your business.

3. Your company index

This new menu provides quick links to your entries in other categories. Users can scan the list and explore other facets of your company without having to search again. This makes it simpler and faster to find your entries on the site.

4. Your social media

Increase visitors to your social media activity, by highlighting your presence on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

5. Related entries

Use this area to increase views of entries of yours that are specifically related to the current one. Demonstrate your experience through case studies, highlight useful support services, and promote other items in the same product range.

6. Better mapping

We’ve upgraded our mapping software, allowing users to quickly see your key business locations in web and mobile browsers.

7. Alternative providers

These new sections highlight alternative options from other companies in the category. Presented at the bottom of the page, beneath your entry, this content helps users who want to explore different suggestions before making contact. It also means that your entries will feature across many more pages on the site.

8. Viewed recently

This new feature stores pages viewed during a visit, increasing the prominence and visibility of your brands and entries no matter where a user is on the site.

To make full use of these new features, you will need to review your online entries and check your key data and category listings are up to date. This can be done easily through the Content Management System (CMS).

To request a log in to the CMS – email and we’ll send your log in details by return email.

Alternatively, if you already have your log-in details to hand and want to update your entries on then enter your user name and password via the MyESI Login area on the site.

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