How case studies help make decisions go in your favour


We love working with client content at That’s why through our website, blogs and newsletters, we host a whole range of content types, specifically aimed at influencing specifiers and buyers making important decisions on who and what to work with. In this post, we demonstrate two examples of how our editors work with client content to develop new case studies which have resulted in great enquiries being directed back to our clients.

The two examples given below demonstrate how case studies on can help increase exposure of your products and create greater influence at the right time.

Example 1: Showcasing design innovation for a leading Street furniture manufacturer

We rewrote and edited this client’s material to focus on a problem and solution approach narrative that strikes a chord with designers.

ASF bespoke solutions case study image

By flagging up a specialist manufacturing process, we created a compelling story that is of interest to designers, and shows the specialist manufacturing capabilities and problem-solving attitude of the company. then gave case studies prominence on our website and in our marketing communications, pushing it out to our contact list and networks.

Within days, a landscape architect working to meet a very similar requirement had picked up on this case study page and responded to the manufacturer via email enquiry.

live project enquiry via email for landscape design project

– Even when pictures and text information is hard to come by, we can create and publish content that generates enquiries for you.

Example 2: traffic management products manufacturer

At the outset, our Solutions Partner client had little or no case study information on their own website but wanted to be seen as a specialist solutions provider.

We conducted a telephone interview with the company to tease out the most important details of one of their recent specialist projects. We then prompted the company to go back to site and take the best possible photos, which was done with a mobile phone.

Within 72 hours we had brought this material together to publish a detailed case study on that resonates with the key decision makers.

Autopa bespoke solutions case study image

The advice the company provided on specific materials, product options and planning legistlation sets them company apart as one that can help designers with their specification decisions.

Within a week, had published this content on multiple channels, including our website, our opt-in subscriber email, and various other platforms. We were subsequently aware, via our reporting systems, of several specifiers and buyers engaging with this information.

– Our quality contact database and engaged subscribers ensure that your solutions capabilities are seen by the right people.

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