Great tips from an Architect. Make it easier for your products to be found and specified?

We all know architects and designers are highly visual people. So it comes as no surprise that appearance is a key factor when specifying products or systems for client projects.
In this short video, Matt Franklin, Architect at mbf DESIGN talks to Su Butcher about how he uses to find construction products for a client brief.
Matt makes a number of shortlisting decisions based on the type of application a particular “balustrade” is suitable for. Much of that decision making is based on the images presented by the manufacturer on the website. This allows him to quickly filter and narrow down different products using’s structured navigation and filters. This results in the right product being recommended by the designer to the client influencing the final product selection for this project.
Adding or updating your product illustrations is easy to do via our Content Management System. Each of your illustrated product pages can hold up to 12 different images allowing you greater flexibility in how you want to present your products. So you can include detail shots, application diagrams as well as standard product images and technical illustrations
Here’s how to get started
Log  into your account from the homepage
Click on the manage my content link in the pop up box
Then Choose the Your Entries tab and select the product entry you want to update
Once in the product entry you want to update, scroll down to the upload images section and you’ll see all the existing images currently related to that product page similar to the screenshot to the right
Then choose which image you want to be the main image for that page and in our search and comparison area, then click the submit button
Once updated, your changes will update instantly on your detailed product page and will be updated on our search and compare pages overnight.
To request CMS Log in access, simply email us and we’ll send out your details within 1 working day

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