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We recently undertook some customer research to further improve our services and help us shape the vision for moving forward.

So here is a short summary of some of the key findings.

This research project was carried out by our research partners, Marketwise Strategies, to help us better understand the needs of our customers and the challenges you face in planning effective marketing activity in an increasingly challenging business environment.

Research objectives

–  To understand satisfaction levels and perceptions of as a supplier of marketing services to the construction and engineering sectors

–  To inform future product development with a focus on digital channels to ensure remains market focussed in our approach and offering

So what did we find out?

Perceptions of

There were a range of different opinions about how is viewed in the marketplace, represented by the diverse market sectors our customers operate in.

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In fact over 60% of customers who took part in the survey recognised was evolving its offering to provide a range of marketing solutions for manufacturers and organisations for the building and engineering sectors.

This is a great benchmark for us to work with as we develop our portfolio of award winning services.

How does score in relation to other marketing providers?

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The results were both positive and encouraging in the values you attach to

–        Over 91% of our customers rated as delivering a good to excellent level of professional service

–       And nearly 80% of you rated marketing services as delivering a good to excellent return on your investment.

We’re particularly proud of these statistics and a full development and editorial programme will ensure focus on delivering return for our customers, through excellent service provision.

Key areas for us to work on over the coming months are improving our market position and developing more technical content and expertise.

Service development – enhancing services to meet the needs of our customers

It’s important we ensure customer feedback is ingrained in our services, from start to finish.  So we asked you to score your interest on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being most interested) on proposed developments for

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So what marketing channels are the most important for your business?

In conjunction with the above chart, there is clearly a need for to increase the support for your SEO activity and  a need to deliver on-going guidance and services to support your investment in web development programmes.

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So, what’s next for

Our development plan for 2012 focuses on delivering additional content services for our customers including:

A news and PR release service – Now available –  This free service is available to all our customers, allowing you to easily post up new press releases, launch products and announce important company information throughout the year.

Events and seminar pages – Now available – Post details of forthcoming seminars, events and conferences you are organising. Secure delegates to site visits, workshops and CPD courses you now offer.

CPD and Case study pages – Now available

New Expert Guides – Available from November 2012

Expert articles and knowledge base – Available from September 2012

These developments will significantly enhance your exposure throughout and the wider building and engineering markets.

If you would like further details on our development and editorial schedules for 2012, then please contact us on

Tel: 01786 407000   Email:

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