Interior Design Blog- Q&A with Interiors Editor, expert blogger and cycle nut, Owen Philipson


What do you do at

I currently work as editor for the Interior Design marketplace. Starting out on the Interior Design print directory way back in 2003, my main focus is now developing editorial schedules and content across our Interior Design marketplace channels including blogs, websites, specification guides and more.

Working on the indexing and data structure of the website is a key area of interest for me- it may sound boring but is a major part of my role to present products that can be specified from effectively.

Can you tell us a bit about the Interior Design blog?

I have been managing the blog since 2009.  Blogs are a great way to generate interest in our clients’ products and projects and allow us to explore current challenges, solutions and topics of relevance to professions within the industry. They are also a key branding and positioning tool for as information experts within the construction sector.

We have a broad knowledge of all the products used in a building or interior project, and wanted to make use of that knowledge.

What does your ideal blog reader look like? Who is the target audience?

We are aiming at interior designers, architects working on commercial and high end residential projects. The commercial interior designer will be working on big projects such as retail centres, private sector offices, and public sector capital projects like schools and hospitals. Alternatively they work on high end residential projects for private clients.

Is there a specific editorial programme for creating posts?

To start with we would blog about any interesting topics that seemed to be ‘hot’ but recently we have been concentrating on specific topics each month, to provide focus to the content. These topics also feed into our programme of eNewsletters, which use product information from and blog posts. If a few themed blog posts (such as flooring or office furniture) are published in the same time, they are supported by relevant client profiles from

Having different case studies and posts related to a similar theme helps us increase engagement with our core readership and professionals working in those areas.

Have you featured any guest posts from manufacturers on marketplace blog?

Yes, this is a good way to generate some additional publicity for our advertising clients, but the guest posts aren’t just advertorials – they include technical information or design criteria that will be of interest to specifers and designers.

How do clients get involved in the blog? What are the benefits of submitting a guest post?

Normally if we are talking to a  client, and notice that they are involved in blogging on their own site, we would suggest that they get involved. They are welcome to contact us directly too though. It’s always good to receive comments posted on the blog pieces themselves- I’d like to see a bit more discussion generated there.

What highlights are coming up?

The Interior Design blog looks at Office Furniture in April. It’s a thriving segment of the market with innovative products all over the place. Topics like ergonomics, sustainable materials, furniture and carpet recycling programmes will be on the radar, not to mention a rundown of some well designed, stylish products.

For May, the theme is Hospitality Furniture. This is a massive area for us, with many key clients and a core section of our user base involved in specifying for hospitality projects such as hotels, bars, restaurants and other types of interiors in the leisure sector.

In June we will look at creative ideas for walls. Internal cladding for example, offers the designer opportunities to put their stamp on a project, and we are looking to showcase materials ranging from metals and natural stone to composites, sculpted board and leather.

If you would like to talk about submitting a guest post or would like to feature in one of our regular eNewsletters, then email Owen Phillipson for further details.

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